The Foster Carers’ Charter Toolkit

Foster Carers’ Charter implementation toolkit for WalesThe Foster Carers’ Charter in Wales was developed by The Fostering Network in partnership with the Welsh Local Government Association and the Directors of Social Services.

The charter sets out mutual roles and responsibilities, which are ‘owned’ by both foster carers and the fostering service. In this way a framework is created with which to improve the lives of children in care.

As part of The Fostering Network’s Fostering Excellence Programme additional resources have been developed to support the adoption and implementation of the Foster Carers’ Charter across Wales, these include:

  • The Foster Carers’ Charter Implementation Framework
  • A Toolkit for Councillors, Local Government Officers and Foster Carers

In 2018/2019, we will be working with all local authorities in Wales to encourage a commitment to signing up to The Foster Carers’ Charter using these new resources.

Read the Foster Carers’ Charter Toolkit in English or Welsh.

Read the Foster Carers’ Implementation Framework in English or Welsh.