Sibling Foster Care

pebbles on beach showing siblings

Carmarthenshire’s Fostering Service needs to recruit foster carers who can provide a safe and loving home to siblings. The bond between brothers and sisters is so special and that’s why we try our best to make sure that they grow up together.

We rely on our amazing foster carers such as Anita and Phil who have embraced caring for siblings and would like to share their story.

For the past six years we have been foster parents to three children. When we were asked to care for a sibling group we immediately agreed as we feel it’s so important that brothers and sisters can remain together if they can’t live with their birth families. Our birth children are still close now they have grown up and still give each other support over the years when we have not been around.

Last year our foster son went on his first school trip away and his sisters really missed him even though they squabble like anything at times, that’s kids for you.  They could not wait for him to come home and it really made an impact on us.  The thought of these beautiful children not being given the chance to grow up together became so real in that moment. We knew then that we had made the right decision.

Our foster children know that we will look after them for as long as they need us, but at some point they will leave home and become independent adults. We won’t be around forever but they will have each other and that makes us feel confident that they will be OK.

We really love fostering and if you asked us what the negatives are we would find it hard to think of any. In fact fostering siblings is easier as they often sort their squabbles out amongst themselves before it becomes a massive issue for us!  They always have company but sometimes the logistics of taking them to their different clubs and activities requires really good planning.  Believe us our foster children have their moments as all children do but they look after and stick up for each other no matter what.

Carmarthenshire Fostering Service needs foster parents for siblings and we would say go for it. We are glad we did.

Anita and Phil