Fostering Case Studies

My husband and I have been fostering for two years and our biggest regret is not having started sooner.

Foster carers and foster children share their experiences of Carmarthenshire’s foster care.
*Please note child actors have been used for the purpose of filming. 

If you have ever thought of fostering then stop thinking and register now.

My husband and I have been fostering for two years and our biggest regret is not having started sooner. There is always a demand for new foster parents, especially for teenagers and you could make a real difference to some child’s life.

Before I applied for fostering I worried about everything that you could possibly think of and then I worried some more, all the friends I talked to about it told me they thought I would be brilliant at it, my own children told me the same thing but still I worried that maybe I would not be good enough and that I would let some already traumatised child down. I was worrying about nothing…Yes I make mistakes and often feel I could have handled some situations better but there is always someone there to talk things through with, you are supported every step of the way.

There are challenges in fostering just like in any other undertaking but if you can maintain your sense of humour and be non-judgmental and consistent then these can be overcome and the rewards are enormous!!! No one can explain to you how good it feels to hear a child who is generally quiet and withdrawn laugh or the sense of pride you will feel when they get a good school report or simply say thank you and on top of all that you get to plan birthdays and Christmas and Easter and so many other things that are just pure FUN!!!

I’m not going to pretend that fostering is easy…it’s not and it’s not for everybody but if it’s not for you, you will find out long before you get a child placed with you…so what do you have to lose? It’s a new year with new opportunities and new doors opening….why not seize the moment and apply right now…. you have nothing to lose and (like me) you may well find out that it is the most rewarding thing you have ever done.Anita and Philip’s Fostering Story

I enjoy the company of the children who we foster. I especially like doing the pre-adoption and playing a part in the adoption process. It’s great being able to teach the little ones new things and spending time with them. I’m part of the sons and daughters group which is a group that sons and daughters of foster carers can attend where we do various activities and we are able to talk to other children whose parents foster. If we have any worries we are able to discuss them with other children who understand.Ellie, daughter of a foster carer


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